Coreference resolution

Coreference resolution is the task of clustering mentions in text that refer to the same underlying real world entities.


               |           |
I voted for Obama because he was most aligned with my values", she said.
 |                                                 |            |

"I", "my", and "she" belong to the same cluster and "Obama" and "he" belong to the same cluster.

CoNLL 2012

Experiments are conducted on the data of the CoNLL-2012 shared task, which uses OntoNotes coreference annotations. Papers report the precision, recall, and F1 of the MUC, B3, and CEAFφ4 metrics using the official CoNLL-2012 evaluation scripts. The main evaluation metric is the average F1 of the three metrics.

Model Avg F1 Paper / Source Code
(Lee et al., 2017)+ELMo (Peters et al., 2018)+coarse-to-fine & second-order inference (Lee et al., 2018) 73.0 Higher-order Coreference Resolution with Coarse-to-fine Inference Official
(Lee et al., 2017)+ELMo (Peters et al., 2018) 70.4 Deep contextualized word representatIions
Lee et al. (2017) 67.2 End-to-end Neural Coreference Resolution

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