Information Extraction

Open Knowledge Graph Canonicalization

Open Information Extraction approaches leads to creation of large Knowledge bases (KB) from the web. The problem with such methods is that their entities and relations are not canonicalized, which leads to storage of redundant and ambiguous facts. For example, an Open KB storing \<Barack Obama, was born in, Honolulu> and \<Obama, took birth in, Honolulu> doesn't know that Barack Obama and Obama mean the same entity. Similarly, took birth in and was born in also refer to the same relation. Problem of Open KB canonicalization involves identifying groups of equivalent entities and relations in the KB.


Datasets # Gold Entities #NPs #Relations #Triples
Base 150 290 3K 9K
Ambiguous 446 717 11K 37K
ReVerb45K 7.5K 15.5K 22K 45K

Noun Phrase Canonicalization

Model Base Dataset Ambiguous dataset ReVerb45k Paper/Source
Precision Recall F1 Precision Recall F1 Precision Recall F1
CESI (Vashishth et al., 2018) 98.2 99.8 99.9 66.2 92.4 91.9 62.7 84.4 81.9 CESI: Canonicalizing Open Knowledge Bases using Embeddings and Side Information
Galárraga et al., 2014 ( IDF) 94.8 97.9 98.3 67.9 82.9 79.3 71.6 50.8 0.5 Canonicalizing Open Knowledge Bases

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